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College Social Networking Portal

College Social Networking Portal

College Social Networking Portal provides the students of college to form a social networking platform among themselves, enabling them to connect with their seniors and juniors for sharing of information and resources.
It provides user features to follow the students, send message to others, post what they like and ask for some queries on which like and comment feature is available. All the students registered may be seen college-wise and asked for help. Separate news board may be developed for each individual college.

College Social Networking Portal

A social network for college with student login, administrator login, placement officer login and staff login. The administrator has the most authority. This account may be handled by principal or other senior member. This website notifies students about various college events and placement opportunities. Only staff, placement officer and administrator have the permission to post events. Students can view those notifications and react accordingly. Whenever a new event or notification is posted students are automatically notified of it by an Sms. It also informs the staff and gives them a list of students with high marks and those below standard attendance on a single button click. It also includes a student greviences area where students may post college inconsistencies and other problems. These posts will only be visible to the administrator.

Conclusion of College Social Networking Portal

The project work titled “College Social Networking Portal” has been designed using PHP – Hypertext Pre Processor where in many user friendly form controls have been added in order to make it a user interactive application. The system is developed in such a way that the user with common knowledge of computers can handle it easily. This website makes it easy for the St. Agnes College to interact with their staffs and students in single platform.

It was a wonderful learning experience while working on this project. This project took us through the various phases of project development and gave us real insight into the world of software designing. The joy of working and the thrill involved while tackling the various problems and challenges gave us a feel of developer’s industry.

It was due to the project we came to know how professional software’s are designed. The future enhancements to the system can be made as technology changes.

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