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Hostel Management System in Visual Basic

Hostel Management System in Visual Basic – This Hostel Management System is a student project developed by Diploma students to manage all activities related to a hostel. Mainly this maintains hostel records of the students and it helps hostel warden to save the records of the students about their rooms, billing details, mess bill and other things. Also it helps to find the record of the students, manages multiple hostels and room allotment details and the information of about who had left the hostel three years before. Even it offers variety of reports. This is the software application project developed using Visual Basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access Driver.

Hostel management System Project will able to keep student records, attendance information for each student along with their room number and hostel number details. This Hostel management System Project will also calculate the bills for each student for foods provided by the mess department of every hostel.

Hostel Management System in Visual Basic 6.0

Hostel Management System in Visual Basic

  • This software designed by the students of Welfare Unit of Yaba College of Technology.
  • This software easily manages the entire hostels of an educational institute.
  • The default login ID is admin and password is admin.
  • It handles records of multiple Hostel.
  • It allows automatic and manual allocation of rooms.
  • Specially provides several reports like: Allocated and Unallocated rooms, Fully allocated rooms and Partially allocated rooms, Allocation by hostel, by department, by level, etc.
  • and it has many more features.

Project modules:

  • Hostel module: New hostel, Hostel management, Add rooms.
  • Rooms management: Allocate rooms, View allocated and un allocated rooms.
  • Student module: Student registration, student records, Student list by department.
  • Reports module: All allocated rooms report, All un allocated rooms report, Fully allocated rooms, Partially allocated rooms, Hostels, Students list by department (Male and Female), students report.

Database design:

Microsoft Access(MDB) is the backend of this project. The database name is hostel. The tables are Courses, Departments, HostelName, Hostels, RoomAllocation, Schools, StudentInfo, Users.

Language preference:

  • Front End : Visual Basic 6.0
  • Back End : Microsoft Access

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  1. hi, what is the username and password?

  2. what is userame and pswrd???

  3. I want er diagram and data flow diagram for this project. Can somebody please upload it?

  4. can you send the code of the project

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