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Campus Networking Detailed Design

Campus Networking Detailed Design

This document contains Campus Networking Detailed Design. The purpose of preparing this document is to explain complete design details of our project College Social Networking site. This includes main module and sub modules of the project. This detailed design report will mainly contain the general definition and features of the project, design constraints, the overall system architecture and data architecture.

Additionally, a brief explanation about our current progress and schedule of the project will be provided in related sections. Design of the system and subsystems/modules will be explained both verbally and visually by means of diagrams in order to help the programmer to understand all information stated in this document correctly and easily.

Structure of Campus Networking Detailed Design:

  • Dashboard module is for administrator where admin can manage complete control of the website. Admin is the super user of the website.
  • In the settings module the administrator can add or delete department details, course details, subject details, etc.
  • The faculties can publish quiz questions, study materials, timetable, syllabus and result.
  • The students can login to the website by entering login id and password.
  • All the questions and answers record stores in the discussion panel. All students can view discussion panel records.
  • In the study material module, the faculties can upload notes and documents by entering book details.
  • The chat module allows users to chat with their friend circles.
  • The faculty can create Quiz and student can take up quiz. The quiz result and point system will display in the student account panel.

 Dashboard Component:

  • Admin account
  • Publish news
  • Publish events
  • Publish meeting schedule
  • Add course records
  • Add subject records

Structure chart for Dashboard:

Campus Networking Detailed Design


  • Quiz materials
  • Study materials
  • Students record
  • Faculty profile

 Structure chart for Faculty:

 Structure chart for Faculty

Payment Discussion:

  • Post discussion forum
  • Discussion reply
  • View discussion forum

Structure chart for Discussion:

Structure chart for Discussion

Quiz Component:

  • Upload quiz question
  • Attend quiz exam
  • Quiz result

Structure chart for Quiz:

Structure chart for Quiz

Study material Component:

  • Upload notes
  • View study materials

Structure chart for Study material:

Structure chart for Study material

Download Campus Networking Detailed Design with Complete Source code and Project Report:

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