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Online Catering project

Online Catering project

Our PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor)-based Online Catering project will add a tasty, well-organized menu on your website and enable customers to pre-order your exquisite meals and drinks online. You can offer them different kinds of packages as per occasion – breakfast, corporate cocktail, wedding, birthday party, etc. Add as many products and categories as you wish, manage orders, process payments. Clients only have to make their choice, select their preferred payment method and wait for their delivery!

A system created for catering services using Bootstrap and MySqli for online reservations to organize the schedule of reservations to avoid conflicts with the availability of catering, this includes the capability to generate unique reservation code for security purposes. This system will help to reduce time to generate reports and process reservations.

This complete system will help you to create a online catering reservation using PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) PDO query. the feature of this system is it allows you to backup and restore database without using phpmyadmin windows. Others feature of this products includes, it can generate reservation details report, can assign a catering team in each reservation, secure login, filter user based on their rules and manage customer reservation. And sense this is an online catering reservation, it filter that the customer cannot do transaction if the reservation date is not over two weeks in the current date. The admin also has a power to approved and disapproved customer reservation.

Features of the Online Catering System

  • Allows customers to reserve catering services online
  • Manage reservations
  • Manage Food Packages
  • Manage menus, categories, events, teams, team members and user.
  • Provide menu orders to easily identify needed number of servings for every event.
  • Assign teams for every event
  • Accepts and monitor customer payments
  • Generates a graphical report of approved reservations and monthly sales.
  • Sends email notifications which contains customer name, balance and reservation status once reservation status is changed.
  • Provide a summary of reservation
  • Customer can track reservations using a 10 character unique code.

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