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Online Catering Management System

Online Catering Management System

The Online Catering Management System web application is developed for prince caterers. The project is to reduce the paperwork of the staff. The concerned people can order the item in a website. The main objective of this project is to develop a web application which supports all aspects of the delivery process through online. This system is a web application which display food menu information and allow customers to place their orders online for delivering. This system not only improves customer’s experience but also eases the workload on the staff. All Customer details, products, operators, order details and sales orders can be stored in the Food gallery website.

Scope of the system:

  • This system will make things easier for staff as whole ordering process is done by customer only.
  • This is a quick and easy way to view  customers, products, orders, invoices and daily reports.
  • The system enables to serve the customer by delivering, accepting orders, issuing invoices, and collecting payments without fail and human errors.
  • This system will show the time by which the order will be delivered to the customer.
  • For pick-ups customers can fix the date and time by which they will pick their order.
  • Reduce Paper Work- As most of the things will be performed online, it will reduce the usage of paper for the pizzeria.

Tools and platform to be used:

  • Front end: PHP and HTML
  • Back End: MySQL

Modules of the Project

  • Login And Register: In this module customer can sign up using all the information about him. Customer can be onetime or regular. After Submitting His info System will ask to enter his OTP sent through email or to the phone. Then using login id and password  customer can sign in.There Is a Login Panel for admin to enter his login id and password.
  • Customer Profile: Here customer can view and update his info and can change the password entering the old password.
  • Order: In this Customer can select The items That he wants to order and can set the quantities according to his needs. Admin and operator  also can order food  if the customer ask him to order. so that admin can order online.
  • Payment: Here Customer is allowed to make the payment through online or cash on delivery.if through online he has to provide card details.
  • Order report: Here customer can see his order report.
  • Transaction Report: Here Customer can view items ordered and also billing report.
  • Dashboard: This Is the module for admin he can view the number of records inserted using this module.
  • Items: Here Using the category admin can update or add items.
  • Category: Admin can enter category  of the items that  are available.
  • Stock: The items which are available if the customer orders items has to reduce from stock. And also He can change the quantity of items for that day.
  • discount: Admin can update discount for the item. discount may be flat discount(in rs.) or percentage.
  • Tax: This module to update tax info.
  • Master: Master module is to update information about the company which appears in billing receipt.
  • Purchase report: In this admin and operator can view the item sold for loss and profit of the item sales.
  • Operator: Operator is added by the admin to serve the local customers. Admin adds city and allots operator to it. operator does not have all rights as admin but certain rights of the customer.

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