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Android Vehicle Tracking application

Android vehicle tracking application is an application which will help in solving the parking issue in the country and also it has become a headache to the traffic police. The number of vehicles in the city is increasing day by day. As a result there arises the problem of parking of vehicles especially in front of malls, offices and giant spaces. Even people are suffering from this problem since they have to pay a huge amount of fine these days if the vehicle is parked in the wrong place. People will be aware of the no parking board but if there is no place to park their vehicles then without any choice they need to park in the wrong place itself.

Android Vehicle Tracking application

This android application helps to track your vehicle in real time. It will be useful to the people who give vehicles on rent or lease purposes. They will be able to keep track of the vehicles provided to someone else. It can also help in detecting the actual speed of the vehicle and can warn if you are going above the required speed. Some people will be eagerly waiting to steal others vehicles. At this time if this Android vehicle tracking application is implemented then the person who has stolen the vehicle can be caught easily since the location of the vehicle can be tracked using this application. It will also help the police department to track the vehicle easily and catch the thief. When you go for some functions or other events where there will be huge amount of parked vehicles, you will not know the exact location as to where your vehicle to be parked. At this situation also, this application comes into picture. It will give you the exact route of the parking space available in the parking lot.

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