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Mobile healthcare system

According to the research the mobile technologies are increasingly growing in India and all over the world. Our Project is the Mobile healthcare system is the mobile based health care system which consists of a number of mobile devices and sensors attached to a patient. This system provides a complete end-to-end platform for patient monitoring. The mobile  sensor network will assemble data and it will send to the hospital or healthcare center for monitoring. 

Mobile healthcare system

Advantages of Proposed System:

  • It enables providers to remotely manage business and it reduces cost and increase the quality list of patients.
  • Bring patient information to point of care and it reduces the need of transporting patients between house and hospital.
  • Provide healthcare professionals with real-time information on demand
  • Avoid duplication of healthcare services
  • Enable proactive and efficient patient care
  • Reduce time required to capture, review, and manage patient information

Modules of the Project:

  • User Verification: User verification is needed for every system to keep security and for any other misuses. Each authorized user will have a user-id /name and a password for login. This is directly giving from the system admin or manager to the users who are authorized. The users want to follow some rules and conditions while using the system, and any misbehave will lead to block of particular user-id/name.
  • Wearable Devices: A wearable medical device can be described as an autonomous, non-invasive system that performs a specified medical action or operation, such as monitoring or support, in collaboration with other devices in a network. The primary functions of wearable sensors normally include physiological monitoring, information storage, data transmission and instruction receiving. These devices can be directly attached to either the human body or a piece of clothing, and they thus support continuous patient monitoring. We are going to simulate each and every sensor as assuming the sensor and inserting data manually.
  • Data Transmission: Unlike traditional hospital management schemes, where most patients only can access medical care or monitoring in a particular place at a specific time, current healthcare equipment can provide continuous monitoring of patients, as well as maximal mobility for them. Here, data communications rely on wireless channels instead of wires. However, mobility takes difficulty for data exchange as well because the requirements of the deployment of a number of infrastructures are able to increase the cost of mobile healthcare systems. We are going to simulate with maximum of five systems and it will be in wired technology.
  • Trust Evaluation module: Trust is defined as “the degree to which a node should be trustworthy, secure, or reliable during any interaction with the node”. The concept of trust has been introduced into mobile healthcare security with wide application in the realm of network and information security.
  • Mobile healthcare system: Mobile healthcare (m-healthcare) is an important research direction for the application of wireless communications in healthcare systems. Therefore, many wireless technologies, including IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth, and Wife, are used to form wireless local area networks (WLAN) and connect to the Internet. Mobile networks not only provide mobility to patients, but also allow physicians so they can access patients’ data anytime and anywhere. Combination of given four modules makes a mobile health care system.

Software Requirement:

  • Operating system :- Windows XP Professional
  • Front End                         :- Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2008
  • Coding Language            :- Visual C# .Net
  • Backend         :-SqlServer 2005

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  1. please build the same project in android it is very good project

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