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Online Advertisement Management System

Online Advertisement Management System is the website project developed using ASP.NET and SQL server. This project we developed for advertisement agencies. This website is very helpful to advertisement agency staffs and managers to manage advertisements and to view reports. An online advertisement management system is a software platform that is used to manage and track online advertising campaigns. It is typically used by businesses and organizations to plan, execute, and measure the effectiveness of their digital advertising efforts.

An online advertisement management system can be used to create and manage ads for a variety of online platforms, including search engines, social media networks, and websites. It typically includes tools for targeting specific audiences, setting budgets and bid prices, and tracking the performance of ads. Some online advertisement management systems also offer features such as keyword research and analysis, creative design tools, and integration with other marketing and advertising software.

There are many different online advertisement management systems available, and the specific features and capabilities of each platform can vary. Some systems are geared towards small businesses and offer basic ad creation and tracking tools, while others are more comprehensive and offer advanced features such as cross-channel marketing and real-time analytics.

Online Advertisement Management System

Project title: Online Advertisement management System

Front End: ASP.NET

Back End: SQL Server

This website has 3 main pages:

  • Login Page for staff and Manager
  • Staff Panel
  • Manager Panel

In the login page the system validates the user by checking login id and password. After validating the system redirects to staff panel or Manager panel. In case if user forgets password he can recover password by entering his Email ID.

There are two users using this project i.e; Staff and Manager. The staff has option to view, edit, delete his own advertisement details and he can post new advertisements. The manager is the super user of the system he can view complete report which displays the details of ads entered by his staff.

In the staff panel the staff can view the data and advertisement details entered by them. Even it has options to add, edit, delete advertisements.

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