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Online Food Order

Online Food Order

The main purpose of “Online Food Order” project is to order various foods and beverages from some local restaurant and hotels through online. Customer can order food item just by sitting at home or any place. The restaurant owners can view and update the order status as New orders, Confirmed orders, Order picked up, Delivered orders, Cancelled orders, Denied orders.

The main goal of developing this project is to change way of restaurant business. Customers who is free they can visit restaurant directly and they can order their favorite food. But customers who has busy in his work will not get time to visit his favorite restaurant. This project allows customer to order food items through online and ordered food items will be delivered to customers place.

We make new system user friendly and easy to use interface. New system will help customer to order foods in a convenient way. Even restaurant owners can view orders through online. First order will come at top of the page. Delivery schedule wise Search option, item wise search option is available for Restaurant owner.

Home page Screenshot of the project

Online Food Order


  • Software: XAMPP Software
  • Server: Apache server
  • Programming: PHP
  • Database server: MySQL server
  • IDE: Notepad++

Modules of Online Food Order

  • Customers account module: Customer should register to the website to make order. Customer can register to the website by entering name, email id, password, address, contact number, etc. Customer needs to login to the system before ordering food items. Also they manage the account with edit profile, change password, my orders and logout.
  • Restaurant account module: Restaurant owners or outlet managers can register to the website by entering restaurant details. Restaurant account details verified by employees of the restaurant portal. After the verification restaurant owner can login to the website to add food items.
  • Food item module: In this module restaurant owners can add food items by entering item name, food type, cost, image, etc. Customer can view entered food item details.
  • Search restaurant module: Customer can search nearest restaurant based on restaurant name or they can find by city and location. Also they can filter the restaurant by item category or item type. Customers can view the full information of particular restaurant with restaurant name, photo, Restaurant description, etc.
  • Online food order module: Before ordering food customers can view restaurant menu with item name, image, cost, item detail, etc. Customer can add food items into cart by increasing or decreasing the quantity. Once menus are added into cart, customer can process with checkout by selecting the delivery types like delivery or pickup option.
  • Order tracking module: Customer can see the status of order in order summary page. Once the order is delivered, Driver will get the digital signature from customer and update the status as delivered.
  • Offers module: Restaurants can provide offers to new or existing customers such as a discount for orders, promocode, etc.
  • Admin panel: Admin panel will manage or monitor the customers and restaurant data, settings, food order report, payment report, orders and etc. Admin can view the earnings which include the employee commission earnings, Restaurant earnings, and site earnings.
  • Employee module: Employees are delivery boys or delivery agent who delivers customer ordered items their mentioned address. Delivery boys can login into their account and they can view the assigned order with pickup and delivery location. Once they deliver the ordered item to customer, they will update the status of order. This feature will ensure the customer for their food to be delivered on time.
  • Report module: This module displays various kinds of reports of all previous orders, transactions and a history of all the orders.

Types of Users in this Project

The major user classes that are expected to use this product are as follows:

  • Administrator: Administrator is a super user treated as owner of this site. He can have all the privileges. Administrator managing completed features of the website.
  • Employee: Employees are delivery boys or delivery agent who delivers customer ordered items their mentioned address.
  • Restaurant owner: Restaurant owners or outlet managers can register to the website by entering restaurant details. Administrator activates restaurant account.
  • Customer: Customer should register to the website to make regular order or daily order.

Food Order Project Explained (Video):


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