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Cricket Score Board

The Online Cricket Score Board is a web application that works via the Internet allowing the viewers to have a clear idea about the latest score from the latest cricket matches. It allows the viewers to subscribe for the latest matches and have a peep on the scores and view the schedule for the upcoming matches. Our System works online which helps Cricket club to Update Score details, Team information, Gallery, Statistics, Fixtures and latest News and Articles.

The main objectives are:

  • To connect the viewer’s to the game of cricket being played.
  • To view the overall ratings and statistic charts of the teams.
  • For the viewers to have a quick look in at the scores, and the player line up before the match.
  • The registered viewers can give their suggestions based on team strategy and can also rate the teams using comment system.

Modules of the Cricket Score Board Project are:

  • Cup category: In this type there are 2 sub-types i.e. league matches and knockouts rounds.
  • Team information: Here you can add/update the teams with the details . It gives  the overall information of the teams with their previous year records based on titles won. 
  • Performance details: It shows the overall performance chart comparing to the other teams with their performance.
  • Statistics: Graphs such as pie chart and bar graph can be viewed of the match that was played. 
  • Player details: this will come under team information which gives the basic details about the players.
  • Fixtures: There are two types of fixtures, one which will be date wise just like a calendar which when selected on a particular date it will show all the matches that are to be held on that particular date. The other fixture will be the series fixture which gives only the fixture about the particular series .
  • Highlights and results: It will give the highlights and results of the previous matches .
  • Gallery: It shows the best captured moments, pictures, videos, etc that were taken during the course of the matches. it will be dynamic. 
  • Subscribers: Here the interested viewers can register using their email id’s, or phone nos. here the subscription will be absolutely free of cost. Only after subscribing, the viewers will get the updates on the upcoming matches via mail.
  • Scrapbook– Its a comment system where the registered viewers can comment or Chat with fellow registered members.
  • News and articles- Latest updates about the matches to be held and highlights of the previous matches.
  • Advertisements– It will be dynamic where the sponsors and organizers can publicize their ads.

Project Category: Web Based (Online)

Languages to be used

  • Front End: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap
  • BackEnd: PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor)
  • Database: MySQL Database

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