Cricket Score Board

Cricket Score Board

The Online web based Cricket Score Board is a web  application that works via the Internet allowing the viewers to have a clear idea about the latest score from the latest cricket matches. It allows the viewers to view the latest matches, it displays the score board and view the schedule for the upcoming matches. Even admin can Update live score details, Team information, Statistics, news, players profile, blogs, photos , gallery in the admin end.

Modules of the Project are:

  • Teams module
  • Players profile Module
  • Advertisement module
  • Fixtures and upcoming matches module
  • Match result and live score update module
  • Bowling performance statistics and chart module
  • Batting performance statistics and chart module
  • Photo Gallery module
  • News and Blogs module
  • Scrap book to send comments
  • Account module

Project Category: Web Based (Online)

Languages to be used

Front End:PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) , HTML

Back End:MySQL Database

Download this Live cricket score update script:

download project code

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Merlin Lang
Merlin Lang
5 years ago

Good stuff!