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Customer Vendor API Integration

Customer Vendor API Integration

Customer Vendor API Integration – APIs enable real-time communication between applications, systems, and partners. APIs enable fast, secure, and easy access to data and business processes through mobile apps, e-business, or cloud connections, as well as on-site or point-of-sale connections. They allow for communication between systems, applications, mobile devices, and apps.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are messengers that process requests and keep enterprise systems running smoothly. APIs enable interactions between data, applications, and devices. It delivers data and facilitates connections between devices and programs.

APIs therefore provide an alternative or complementary way to engage with and strengthen relationships with business partners. API integration and accompanying monitoring tools add real value to the process and facilitate access to customer portals. Ideally, an API integration solution related to using a hybrid integration platform provides flexible applications that can be managed by central IT and operated by customer-related departments such as sales.

  • Full real-time monitoring of API documents,
  • Status-based automatic alerts for errors, rejection, etc.
  • Seamlessly logged corrections of rejected/non-correct invoices

Customer Vendor API Integration detail:

SMS Notification – API
1Test SMS Gateway API
Vendor – API
1Registration, Send OTP to Verify Mobile, Verify OTP
2Login Module
3Forgot password
4Vendor Latest Notification (Bell)
5Refer Customer
6Passbook (Report) (datewise)
7My Cashback
8Linked Customers
9Recharge to Customer Wallet
10Request Payment
11Generating QR code
12My Profile & Update Profile
13Change Password
15Recharge request (New Request, View Request)
16Todays offer (Flash offers)
17Wallet, Locked Amount
18Worker – Add, Update Profile
Customer – API
1Registration module
2Login Module
3Forgot password
4Latest Notification (Bell)
5Nearest vendors through latitude and Langitude
6Customer – Update Profile
7Make Payment implementation or Pay to Vendor
8Recharge implementation
9Wallet, Locked Amount
10Slider image
11Balance Transfer
12User Transfer
13View and Search vendors
15Offers and Cashback earned Report API
16Change Password
17Refer & Earn
18Complaint & Feedback
19Refer Customer

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