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e-Library Complete Project Report

e-Library Complete Project Report

As the name suggests, the e- library management system project is related to the storage of information regarding the library. Library is the place with the huge collection of books. It is place from where the students and the faculties issue the books for their reference purposes. But the maintenance of keeping the records of issuing and borrowing is difficult if you use a normal book as a registry. To make this task easier, the library management system will be very useful. It helps in maintaining the information regarding the issuing and borrowing of books by the students and the faculties. The e-library complete project report will give the complete e-library project details.

Online Library Management System is a system which maintains the information about the books present in the library, their authors, the members of library to whom books are issued, library staff and all. This is very difficult to organize manually. Maintenance of all this information manually is a very complex task. Owing to the advancement of technology, organization of an Online Library becomes much simple. The Online Library Management has been designed to computerize and automate the operations performed over the information about the members, book issues and returns and all other operations. This computerization of library helps in many instances of its maintenances. It reduces the workload of management as most of the manual work done is reduced.

E-Library Management System is an application which refers to library systems which are generally small or medium in size. It is used by librarian to manage the library using a computerized system where he/she can add new books, videos and Page sources.

Books and student maintenance modules are also included in this system which would keep track of the students using the library and also a detailed description about the books a library contains. With this computerized system there will be no loss of book record or member record which generally happens when a non computerized system is used. All these modules are able to help librarian to manage the library with more convenience and in a more efficient way as compared to library systems which are not computerized.

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