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Hospital Management System in VB.NET

Hospital Management System in VB.NET

This project is software part of the hospital management system, on improving this software we can easily track all the staffs, Patients, Treatments, Prescription and also we can generate report. The main goal of the software is to build a good management tool. The main purpose of Hospital management is to reduce the manual operation required to maintain all the records. And also generates the various reports for analysis. The main reason for choosing this topic is to reduce the time and complexity of maintaining the records. It also helps in accurate maintenance of Inpatient and Outpatient details.

Statement about the problem

In the existing system the records are maintained in books and entered manually. The records have to be updated daily and the calculations are performed by the accountant. The bills are made by referring to the various registers and papers maintained by the hospital. Preparing reports is a difficult work for the clerk.


The Hospital Management software is used by 2 types of user’s i.e. Admin and Receptionist. Admin has the full Access to the software whereas Receptionist has only limited Access. Software starts with a login form where Admin can login by entering the username and corresponding password. If the user name and password matches then ADMIN is directed to the Admin Master page and Receptionist will be directed to User Master Page.

Modules of Hospital Management System

  •  Patient Records: In this module ,there are two types of patients records : Inpatient and Outpatient. Outpatient details includes patient registration . And each patient will be provided with the Register No. It also includes Doctor Consultant details, Diagnosis details,  treatment details and prescription details . An Investigation Report could be generated for individual patients. Inpatient details includes patient registration . And each patient will be provided with the Register No. Once the patient is admitted he/she will be assigned to a required ward. Mainly it includes Medical Cases and Surgical Details. Medical cases includes Doctors Note Sheet , Treatment Sheet, Nurses Note Sheet etc..  Surgical details includes Operational Details, Surgical Procedure etc..
  • Staff  Records: In this module, Staff Records are maintained. There are three types of Staffs which are Doctors, Para-Medical Staffs and Non-Medical Staffs. Each Doctor will be assigned to a department .Duty Details of all the doctors are maintained. We will be able to know the Records of total staffs as well as the staff of particular department.
  • Medicine Records: In this module medicine records are maintained. There are two kinds of medicine list they are A.L.N.R.M.A.M.C Pharmacy Medicine List and Outside Pharmacy Medicine List.Medicines are distinguished under different Medicine categories.
  • Ward Records: In this module ward records are maintained. There are different kinds of wards Such as General , Special etc.. Each ward capacity will be noted. As well as ward status will be known.
  • Billing Records: In this module,bills for  inpatient and outpatient are generated. It also includes Payment details of patients. Depending on the payments bill report is generated.
  • Configuration: In this module master details like department, Medicine types , Operation Types and Ward Types are maintained.

Programming Languages

  • Front End: VB.NET
  • Back End: Microsoft SQL Server

Download Hospital Management System in VB.NET

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