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Modules of Job Portal

Modules of Job Portal

Here we shared Modules of Job portal website. This project developed using PHP and MySQL. In this project job seekers can apply for the job and Recruiters can post job requirements. Admin is the main user of the system who handles complete features of the website. Recruiters can view Job applications and they can Reject or Accept candidate job application. In this project we have shared 8 modules of the project.

Modules of Job portal

  • Company module: you can add the company from the admin dash or users can register the company role and post their employment information
  • Job module: this module is for the company to add their Jobs list
  • Applicants for company: the company can manage their list of applicants, filter by list jobs, type of job..
  • Candidate module: you can add the candidate from the admin dash or users can register the candidate role and apply their job application
  • GIG module for the candidate: The service you offer and sell in the marketplace is called a “Gig”, ex. Logo design, banner design..
  • Candidate dashboard includes the Candidate profile, Seller dashboard, GIG manage, your applied…
  • Company Dashboard includes company profile, buyer profile, Job management, applicants list ..
  • User package for the company: One of the important parts of a website is making a profit, this feature requires the company to buy a User package to be able to post job advertisement.

This Job portal using PHP MySQL aims to help job seekers what jobs are available to apply. This system allows candidates to complete online job applications and upload their updated resume. In this way, it will be easier for employers to manage job applications, especially when there are many job candidates. Then, the employer/ admin will notify the candidate if he/she is qualified for the job.

I hope this module explanation will help you with what you are looking for and hope that you will learn something with this project that is useful for your future projects.

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