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Jewelry Management System

Jewelry Management System

This project is aimed at providing an automated system for Jewelry Management System. For Maintenance of their records and for generating reports and bills in a very fast and efficient manner. The use of computerized management systems are becoming very popular because they are very accurate and they compute and sort and display the data in the way the user wants to see it. We would like to do the same for a Jewellery Management to meet their business requirements. Presently the records are maintained in registers and manually entered. The records have to be updated daily and the calculations are performed by the accountant. The bills are made by referring to the various registers and papers maintained by the Jewellery Management System. Preparing reports is a tedious process for the employee.

The Jewellery Management will make storing of the Jewellery records, Customer records, the employee information, the Jewellery model information, price list in the database it will automatically generate bills when the customer is to be purchased. The Jewellery purchased record can be retrieved very promptly. And reports should be generated based on different criteria’s.

Programming Language

  • Front End : Visual Basic 6.0 (VB 6.0)
  • Back End : Microsoft Access (MDB)

Modules of Jewelry Management System

  • COMPANY MODULE: This module describes the details of the jewellery shop. If record all the details about the jewellery shop like, Liabilities, Assets, Location. 
  • BRANCH COMPANY MODULE: This module describes the details of branch or share connectors companies or shop of the current shop. 
  • INVENTORY MODULE: This module is record all the jewels transactions of the jewellery shop like, raw materials, jewels details, sales details, purchase details. 
  • INVOICE MODULE: Invoice details of the jewellery shop. All the invoice details to enter here. 
  • ADMINISTRATION MODULE: Administration details are record in the module. To enter all the details about the administration of the jewellery shop. 
  • WORKERS DETAILS: Here record the details of the workers of the jewellery shop. Only the workers not the programmers. 
  • EMPLOYEE MODULE: This module describes the record of the employees. 
  • COMPANY SHARE MODULE: Describes the details of company share. 
  • FINAL ACCOUNT: It show the final accounts of the jewellery show. Trail balance, Trading A/C, Profit & loss A/C. 
  • BILL PREPARATION MODULE: This module is describes to create and print the bills details about the jewellery shop. 
  • CONTACT & INFORMATION MODULE: Describes the details of contact the company. 
  • PROPERTIES MODULE: This module describes the details of properties in the jewellery shop. 

Project Screenshot

Jewelry Management System

The software provides the following facilities to the customers :

  • It provides complete information about products.
  • Provides information about the item in categories
  • Can avail the facility of purchasing second hand products
  • Can reserve or order if the particular product is not available
  • Reserve more than two products
  • Provides backup facility
  • Print Out bill and other information

The software will not provide the following facilities to the customers :

  • Cannot reserve the product for more than one month
  • Responsibility of damages
  • The product cannot be changeable when once confirmed

The software provides the following facilities:

  • Provides complete information about the customers
  • Provides complete information about their products
  • Can avail the brand catalog facility

The objective of this software is to provide easy assistance to both the customer as well as the merchant with proper database and information.

The login details of this software application:

Default Password: admin

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