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Plastic Trade System

Plastic Trade System

Plastic Trade System is developed for the purpose of computerizing the maintenance of raw materials, product, customer, supplier, employee and other information, which replaces all the records that are handled manually. There are many records such as customer information, supplier information, employee information, purchase details, sales details, product details, raw material details etc… Since it involves a lot of work so it is very difficult task for the user to maintain all these manually. This program is written in a small and easy way to access each form by clicking on the command buttons on main screen. It provides the flexibility to work on the system very easily. The user does not need to remember the entire menu system. It is a user’s friendly program.

This project will manage the sales and purchase activities which are done in the company, maintaining the stock details and the records. The details regarding attendance, salary and purchase details are also maintained. The user will consume less time in calculation and the sales activity will be completed within minutes whereas manual system will make the user to write it down which is a long procedure and it also consumes a lot of time. This system reduces paper work and the user can spend more time on monitoring the company. This product aims to be user friendly and easy to use.

Language(s) to be used

Modules of Plastic trade system

  • Raw Material module: In order to carry out various processes at the firm the availability of raw      materials is very important and hence this function plays a key role. Regular updating of the stock of the materials is done.
  • Supplier module: The information like the suppliers name, address, contact number etc is stored. Once the data is stored it can be retrieved from the database the next time.
  • Purchase module: The information about the purchase of various raw materials from different suppliers is stored in this module. Reports of the purchase can also be achieved.
  • Stock Analysis module: After each purchase and sales, the stock of raw materials has to be updated. The proper functioning of the stock analysis is very important. In the case of low availability of a material, notification is given so that a purchase order can be placed.
  • Product module: The company is specialised in various products. Each of the products has different prices so the final bill depends upon the process and hence is important.
  • Customer Order module: The details regarding a customer order like customers name, address and contact number are stored in this segment. The delivery date is also specified by the customer so the product has to be delivered within the time. The report of the sales is also maintained.
  • Salary module: For each worker in the company there is a pre-set minimum wage per day. Attendance is taken for each worker daily. This function has high priority as the final salary generation depends upon the values we set here. Salary is generated weekly.
  • Report module: Based on the sales and purchase, reports can be generated. A report includes the complete analysis of the sales as well as purchase which has been done through the course of a week, a month or a year. A weekly, monthly or a yearly report can be achieved. We can even achieve a Complete Analysis which helps in keeping track of the total income and the expenditure.

Top Level DFD

Top Level DFD of Plastic trade system

Download Plastic Trade System Source code and Documentation:

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