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Matrimonial Agency Software SRS

The project “Matrimonial System” is developed to find the match between bride/groom according to their age, religion or caste. The basic purpose of SRS is to describe the complete behaviour of the software proposed. It is like an agreement between client and the developer. Software system easily understands and solves any problem if the SRS is produced. The special and the extra importance are given to identify what is required from the system, not how the system will work and achieve its goal. The final goal is to produce a stable and a high quality SRS.

Matrimonial Agency Software SRS

Here are some potential requirements that might be included in an SRS for a matrimonial agency software system:

  1. User Management: The system should allow administrators to create, delete, and manage user accounts. Users should be able to create their own profiles, including personal information such as name, age, gender, and location.
  2. Matchmaking: The system should allow users to search for and view profiles of potential partners, and express interest in other users. The system should provide suggested matches based on user preferences and criteria such as age, location, and interests.
  3. Messaging: The system should allow users to communicate with one another through a private messaging system.
  4. Payment Processing: The system should allow users to pay for premium services, such as highlighted profiles or additional search criteria. The system should integrate with a payment gateway to process transactions securely.
  5. Reporting: The system should provide administrators with various reports, such as lists of active users or revenue generated from premium services.
  6. Security: The system should ensure the privacy and security of user data, including personal information and communication between users.
  7. Responsive Design: The system should be accessible and easy to use on a variety of devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  8. Localization: The system should support multiple languages and allow users to select their preferred language.


This Software Requirements document is intended for:

  • Administrator: should have the basic Knowledge of computers and Visual Basic in order to perform tasks. An Admin can access to any users profile whereas a user cannot access neither to admins profile nor to any other users profile.
  • User who should have the basic Knowledge of computers and Visual Basic in order to perform tasks and who wishes to read about what this project can do. User can access only the services given by the Admin.
  • Developers who can view project’s abilities and can easily understand to add more features for future development.

SCOPE: This project is helpful to computerize the scheduled events, generation of tickets and payment for each user.


OSoperating  System
VB.NetVisual Basic.Net
GUIGraphical User Interface
PCPersonal Computer
MBMega Bytes
RAMRandom Access Memory
SQLStructured Query Language


  • PankajJalote, An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering, Third Edition, Narosa Publications


This document provides an overview of the system functionality. SRS is like an agreement between the developer and the client of how the software “MS” is to be constructed. The correct understanding of the SRS enables us to do correct software and will be useful in future stages for the development of the project. This system helps us to manage all the ticket transactions in an easily sorted manner. The project “Matrimonial System” is developed to find the match between bride/groom according to their age, religion or caste



A Database is included for more than one user in the MS system. Every user has a unique master key and it will uniquely open the database for each user. Admin provides different username and password for each user.

This includes a wide range of sales activities. This software aims at the sales of ticket for each passenger and hence reducing paper work. It also provides day by day reports to keep track of all the sales activities.


  • Administrator:  The administrator of the company is allowed to access all the services in the system. The username and password for the end user is given by the administrator.
  • User: The user is allowed to access the services given by the administrator like ordering, billing etc.


  • Processor: Intel dual core or above
  • Processor Speed: 1.0 GHZ or above
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM or above
  • Hard Disk: 20 GB hard disk or above.
  • Operating Systems: Windows  XP/2000/2003/2007


  • Basic knowledge of the computers should be known by the users and we also assure that software user manual and training documentation will be given to the users.


Login Module:

Introduction: Authorized users are allowed to access.

Input: User enters the User type, Username and password.

Process Definition: Checks User type, Username and password is valid or not.

Output: User is directed to next page or shows the message box “Login Failed”.

Registration module:

Introduction: Only Admin can access the page.

Input: Admin has the authority to provide username and password for new users

Process Definition: Checks same username and password exists or not and also checks whether all the fields are entered.

Output: Employee gets the username and password.

Report Module:

Introduction: Only Admin can access the page and check the report.

Input: Bride/groom

Process Definition: It retrieve’s all the information stored from different tables.

Output: Requested report is generated.

View module:

Input: bride/groom name, DOB, age, religion caste, contact, address

Process Definition: In the view module the user can view bride/grooms information which has already been saved. The user can also add new information or edit the present information.

Output: New bride/grooms information is added to the table.

Match module:

Input: type, bride/grooms name

Process Definition: the user can enter bride/grooms information and on a single click can find the perfect match to the corresponding bride/groom.

Output: The match can be found or not.



– GUI is provided by the software which is self-explanatory.

–  User friendly forms, menus and options is contained by the software.

– Designing of the product have to be studied by the developer.

– Software gives warnings with necessary assistance to the clients.


  • Keyboard and mouse are the input for all the systems designed forms.
  • Keyboard and mouse will provide user friendly interaction between the user and the system and the forms can be viewed through a monitor in GUI.


  • The software is developed with all the basic controls and class provided in VB .Net.
  • Application Package must be installed.
  • A confirmation prompt is presented by the system to the user like continue or cancel operation, if any modifications to be done.
  • All the data’s inserted will be stored in SQL.



  • Good memory space is required.
  • Should be Error-free.
  • Large amount of data should be handled easily.


  • Backups can be done regularly.


  • A password is given to the SQL server.
  • Administrator and the end user, who have their own user name and password, have only the right to open the software.



  • Installation of this software can be done in any windows operating system.


  • As the transaction takes place, the system keeps on updating the data.


In this stage, validation will be referred from the given SRS


  • The system performs all the operations in less amount of time..


  • Validations even for user inputs will be done.
  • Avoid incorrect storage of records.



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