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Health Prediction application

The Health Prediction application is an end user support and online consultation project. Here we propose an android application that allows users to get instant guidance on their health issues through an intelligent health care application online. The application is fed with various symptoms and the disease/illness associated with those systems. The application allows user to share their symptoms and issues.

In this system the patients or the user has to register into the application. After registration patient will be given a unique username and password. Patient can use this for logging into this application to get the required information. Patient can search the doctors based on the categories listed in the application i.e. Orthopedic, General Physician etc. Patient has to select a particular doctor as per requirements from that list, Patient (user) can see doctor’s profile. From that patient can search the specific doctor. Also the patient can view doctor’s schedule, contact details like address and phone number to look for an appointment according to his convenience.


  • Operating System       :           Windows Operating System
  • Front End                    :           HTML, CSS, Jqurey, JS
  • Back End                    :           PostgreSQL
  • Server Side Language :           Python 2.7
  • Browser                      :           Supports all browser type
  • Framework                 :           Flask


Smart technology is improving day by day because of the easy usage options, efficiency of the applications. Medical science and technology is no exception, but that they are almost beginning to overlap upon each other and in certain situations even combining with each other to help the end user. This paper presented here is the one that will be very useful and effective in helping the users to find out appropriate doctors for the diseases/symptoms. The purpose of this project is to enable the user or the patient to get all the required details like availability, contact information about the doctors who are specialized in the issues given by the patient.

This application allows user to get instant supervision on their health issues through a smart health care application online. The application is feed with various symptoms and the diseases associated with those systems. This system provides Quality Health Care to everyone and error free and smooth communication to patients. Web technology is also used in hospital management by serving with search hospitals; improve health outcomes and medical scheme efficiency measures.

Download Health Prediction application Project Report

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