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Cargo portal project modules

This document has Cargo portal project modules. A cargo portal is a web-based platform or application that is used to facilitate the movement of goods or cargo from one location to another. A project report on a cargo portal might include information about the specific features and functions of the portal, as well as the benefits it provides to cargo carriers, shippers, and other stakeholders in the supply chain.

Project report on a cargo portal could include:

  1. An overview of the cargo industry and the challenges and opportunities it faces, including the importance of efficient and reliable cargo transportation.
  2. A description of the cargo portal and its main features, including any modules or tools for booking and scheduling cargo shipments, tracking and monitoring the movement of goods, and managing documentation and compliance.
  3. A discussion of the benefits of using a cargo portal, including improved visibility and transparency in the supply chain, reduced transportation costs, and enhanced customer service.
  4. A description of the process of developing and implementing the cargo portal, including any challenges or issues that arose and how they were addressed.
  5. A summary of the results achieved with the cargo portal, including any improvements in cargo delivery times, customer satisfaction, or financial performance.
  6. Conclusions and recommendations for the use of a cargo portal, including any potential areas for future development or improvement.

Cargo portal project modules:

  • Login: Admin logs into system and he will check the number of enquiry received. He sends the shipping details to clients
  • Shipping details: The products ordered by the clients are given a surety by approaching them through mails. Entering shipping details is one of the key steps in ensuring a smooth Paisa Pay transaction. After the buyer’s payment is confirmed, you have up to5 days (10 days for international deliveries) to ship the item and provide shipping details in My Paisa Pay unless buyer has accepted any timeline extension request of seller and communicated to eBay (not applicable incase of Cash on Delivery) or eBay at its discretion has provided different timelines to certain sellers (“Shipping Deadline”). Items for which you need to enter shipping details will appear with an Enter shipping details button on the “Sold with PaisaPay” tab.
  • Remainder mail: The remainder mail is sent to the customer in order to ensure that their order have been accepted by the company and the ordered goods will be delivered to them within 48 hrs of duration.
  • Delay mail: If the product enquired by client are not available currently in the company or if the ordered products cannot  be delivered within time then the customer is informed by the delay mail.
  • Track goods: Client can track goods by the information  provided by the company.We have ran across numerous times that customers will ask us “were is their shipment,” or “when was it shipped,” or “can you please provide the tracking number.”  The great thing about this service is it is directly connected to your ebay sellers account and the item that you purchased. As soon as we create the label, an email is generated to us and the the buyer with the tracking info.  If this email should get lost, a customer can go into the “Order Details” of the product find the tracking number.  It will display it right next to the product, and is actually a link the customer can click on to check package status. Unfortunately, usually the info is not updated throughly until it is at there main branch of post office.  But is still a piece of mind to our customers that there package is on its way.
  • Accounting: Accurate Calculations(Billing), Product/Service Taxability Rules, Exemption Certificates and Reporting.
  • Job opportunities:We invite you to be part of our family of learners and achievers. The differentiation we seek in our new recruits that sets them apart from the rest, are passion and enthusiasm for work, service quality and customer care. Our customer is the focus of all our activities and the most important constituent of our business. We expect all our people to ‘go the extra mile’ for our customer.
  • Growth opportunities: We have developed a corporate-wide training programme to bring learning to the work place through the use of in-house, qualified trainers and the intranet. Individual training needs are identified, training objectives are set, the appropriate module implemented and, finally, the effectiveness of the training is analysed and evaluated through the training MIS. The objective of the training is to build competencies to respond to the dynamic business environment, and to build leadership. Most of our managers have risen from the ranks.
  • Tools:
    • – Enquiry: In these any visitors can enquiry about a products available pricing quality.
    • – About us: Provides the complete details about the company, location, branches, certifications.
    • – Help: Clarifications pertaining to our website will be provided with suitable solutions so that will be easy for any clients to access our website.
  • News: Latest things about company ,newly branch established and current status of the company are mentioned here.

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