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Medical Store Project

Medical Store Project

Medical Store Project is a standalone System that supports multi user. It is mainly used for maintaining the stock, Sales, Purchase Details. The objective is to provide a system which takes care of the storage record of the medicine in a shop, quick search of medicine, its selling activity and manages the billing system as well as the users will consume less time to take care of the records like product  entered, sold etc. The database stores each and every record. The system is user friendly and the user will find it easy to use the system.

Design and Implementation constraints:

The Application shall be a 32 bit or 64 bit Windows application.  The application shall have a relational database. The application shall be implemented using VB.NET and Microsoft Sql Server.


The major features of the MMS are organised according to its main components:

  • Keeps the track of the transactions done in the Company and Produce Bills, Receipts.
  • Up-to-date Reports are generated.
  • Sales details are maintained.
  • Purchase details are maintained
  • Disposed medicine details are maintained.
  • Reduces manual work  and time consumption
  • Provides Data security
  • No Data loss and Misuse of data is avoided.

Modules of the Medical Store Project:

  • Item information
    • Introduction: Stores item details.
    • Input: Entering the item details like item name, Company name, batch no, mfg date, expiry date, MRP.
    • Processing:  Stock will be updated.
    • Output: Proper data will be stored as well as can be retrieved.
  • Customer information
    • Introduction: Stores  tenants/customer information
    • Input: Entering the personal details of the tenants/customers
    • Processing: Tenants/customers details will be stored
    • Output: Proper data will be stored as well as can be retrieved.
  • Sales Information
    • Introduction: Stores sales details of the company.
    • Input: Entering the daywise sales details like customer details, quantity etc
    • Processing: Daywise sales details are stored.
    • Output: Sales reports are generated.
  • Sales Bill information
    • Introduction: Stores sales bill details for the customers.
    • Input: Selecting the customer as well as the period for which the bills are to be  generated.
    • Processing: Sales bills are stored for the customers.
    • Output: Sales bills reports are generated.
  • Supplier information
    • Introduction: Stores supplier details.
    • Input: Entering supplier details like supplier name, tin no, address, contact no.
    • Processing: Supplier details will be stored..
    • Output: Proper data will be stored in database as well as can be retrieved.
  • Purchase information
    • Introduction: Stores purchase details of the items.
    • Input: Purchase item details like supplier, item, price, mfg date, expiry date, quantity
    • Processing: Stock will be updated.
    • Output: Proper data will be stored as well as can be retrived.
  • Dispose information
    • Introduction: Stores expired item details.
    • Input: Item details like item name, expiry date.
    • Processing: Disposed items report will be generated.
    • Output: Proper data will be stored as well as can be retrieved.

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