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Cash drawer software

Cash drawer software

Cash drawers are very popular in retail shops and it is one of the main component for every Point of Sale System(POS). There is some code to implement this component with our software system. Our Cash drawer software has source code which checks Machine status i.e; machine connected or not, Machine Open/Close, Machine serial number, Installation date, Machine revision, Manufacture date, etc. Using this source code you can open the cashDrawer and print the bill without any problem.

Cash drawer software

Cash drawer software

How it works:
0 — If the cash drawer CLOSED, the return value is zero.
1 — If the cash drawer OPENED, the return value is one.
2 – The error of printer doesn’t OPEN yet.
3 – Spooler operation error.
5 – Re-opened error.
Else – If the function fails, the return value is nonzero.

Different Functions of this machine:
ppstOPEN  – 
To OPEN printer driver port of the assigned printer name. This function needs to execute before to get cash drawer status.
ppNAME – The printer name of printer driver.
ppstCLOSE – To CLOSE printer driver port of the opened printer name. This function needs to execute before the end of application.
ppstGET – To get OPEN ED or CLOSED status of cash drawer that connected to opened printer name.

Operating system:
This utility supports Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/VISTA/Windows 7/Windows 8.

Programming language:
The source code of this project is available in C Program, C ++ program,  Visual basic, VB.NET and JAVA.

The below download link has sample code which you can copy paste to your projects.

download link all

Note: We have purchased cash register drawer machine from Posiflex. This Cash drawer comes with 2 PC keys, cash drawer bottom plate, Separator of bill compartment 4 pcs, coin compartment 6 pcs, USB connector and Power adapter. User must install the driver required to control the Posiflex USB Cash Drawer is called “USBCR.DLL”.

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