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College Management System

Front end is VB.Net and back end is Microsoft SQL Server. Handling this study center /school /college very well, is a very tedious task to manage. The data on registers or maintain the database manually. Therefore, the College Management System software is provided for you. It is errorless and appropriate version. It is the computerized system to manage the data of study center/school/college.

College Management System

Project ID : 081120110554

Front End : Visual Studio 2008

Back End : Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Supporting Operating Systems:
• Windows 7
• Windows Vista
• Windows XP
• Windows 2003
• Windows 2000
• Windows ME
• Windows NT
• Windows 98

Comments ( 11 )

  1. i need a Software for Ngo. Please help me.

  2. e project run kiven hunda??????????

  3. poodaaa pandaaa payiyalaa

  4. kindly send me abstract for the project as soon as possible

  5. I need accounting system using… please hel

  6. Where is the database for this College Management System Project ? Would you please provide database or link for downloading the same ?

  7. Where the database of college management system software

  8. Please where is the Database file?

  9. en poooool a umbu da naarakuthi

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