online eye clinic system

The Online Eye Care System or Eye Clinic project objective is to allow the user to store the customer arrived and consults about their eye problem. The users will spend less time on paper work through this automated system. This software is user-friendly and error-free. This project has been developed using PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) as the front end and MySQL as the back end.

Online Eye Care System Project description

The web application all about Online Eye Clinic. Here there are 2 users, the receptionist and the Admin i.e. Doctor. Admin has more authority than the receptionist. Admin provides username and password for the receptionist and for himself. He also has the right to modify or delete login records. Receptionist takes the appointment who wishes to consult the doctor for eye check-up. Receptionist can note down patient’s name, contact number and can give the prescribed date and time so that they can visit the doctor on that particular date and time without waiting for the doctor. If at all the patient forgets his appointment, the receptionist can remind by giving a call to the contact number, he had given and can set the appointment for the next day if it’s late. All the information will be saved in the database. On that particular day, through this software, the receptionist gets to view all the patients’ name who took appointment earlier. There are some people who visit directly to the clinic without an appointment. Even their name will be noted down by the receptionist and at the end of the day after all the patients check-up who took the appointment earlier, these patients will be allowed to consult the doctor.

On the other hand, The Admin or the doctor can also view the patient’s name that will be consulted on that day. After check-up the admin enters patient’s name, their eye problem, medicine, or the power of the specs they need to wear. A bill can also be generated in which all the details will be added along with the fee, they need to pay. This bill helps the spectacle shop employee to prepare spectacles for the patient. Finally periodic reports will be generated about total number of patients arrived and got consulted and total amount of fee collected.

Video Demonstration

The data represented in Online Eye Care System will perform the following major functions:

  • Appointment details
  • Patient details: It includes the personal details of the patients and other medical problems of the patient.
  • Eye Problems and Diseases
  • Treatment details
  • Medical problem
  • Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Reports
  • Billing details: It will help to calculate the bill much faster and simpler. This helps the Eye clinic to keep the information in efficient way.

Download this project:

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Waqas Aslam
Waqas Aslam
5 years ago

I download your source code from above link but its not running on my localhost why?
I’m using Xampp latest server. Will you guide me how can I run your project on my local machine ?

5 years ago
Reply to  Waqas Aslam

You must configure the site

arun gowda
arun gowda
5 years ago

how to configure.. am using xampp server, bt its not wrkng..