online ayurvedic shop

This Online ayurvedic shop is the shopping portal of Ayurvedic products and it provides Yoga video demonstration and also it  serves an authentic source of Ayurvedic education, research and community health care. Seller or administrator can sell Ayurvedic products and Yoga CD, DVD materials in this system.

Online ayurvedic shop

ASP scripting language is used in developing the web application on Windows platform. Microsoft Access driver database is used to store records in the database.

Software requirements:

Front End of the project: Active Server Pages (ASP)

Back End of the project: Microsoft Access Driver (MDB)

Operating System : Windows XP / Windows 7

Download Online ayurvedic shop script:

project code

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eshetu mamo
eshetu mamo
8 years ago

can you give me sql database in php code for online car rental and selling on my address [email protected]

7 years ago

hi i m sarika doing mcom i want help in my project

my project name is sampling method

index –

1 Introducation of sampling method

2 histroy of sampling method

3process of sampling methods

4 essentials of good sampling

5 methods / techniques of sampling

6 steps in sample desgin

7criteria / basis governing choice of sampling

8objective of sampling methods

9 merits & demerits of sampling method

10 overview of sampling method

7 years ago

hi my name is shrinenaik. i want to know how to do the project