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Online Job Site Script

Online Job Site developed using ASP and Microsoft Access Driver 2003.

In this site jobseeker searches jobs, and recruiter recruits for candidates.

Front End is ASP (Active Server Pages) and Back end is Microsoft Access Driver(MDB).

It has 7 tables that is candidate, CV, Job, Employer, ReportBug, password, Feedback.


Online Job Site Script

Introduction about ASP:
ASP is a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages.
ASP stands for Active Server Pages.
ASP program runs in IIS(Internet Information Services).
The extension of ASP file is (.asp).

How to Install IIS

  1. Open “Control Panel”
  2. Double-click to “Add or Remove Programs”
  3. Click on “Add/Remove Windows Components”
  4. Click “Internet Information Services (IIS)”
  5. Click “Details”
  6. Select “check box” for World Wide Web Service, and click “OK”
  7. In Windows Component selection, click Next to install IIS


Download this project


Online Recruitment Site in PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor)- MySQL

Online Job Site Project Report

Online Recruitment Site Script

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