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DC Motor Speed Controller

A DC or direct current motor is any electrical machine that is used to convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy. The speed of the DC motor can be either controlled manually or automatically through the use of the android device. The manual operating requires the utilization of manpower. They control the speed by altering the voltage. Then why not control the speed of DC motor through the use of Android device having the DC motor speed control application installed in it. The Android DC Motor Speed Controller application aims at controlling the speed of the DC motor through your android device by specifying the functionality to be carried out.

DC Motor Speed Controller

DC Motor Speed Controller

The industries are interested in making use of the Android applications to carry out their jobs in an easy way. With the use of the Android applications the industries and businesses can work in a better way. The Android application can be used to control the entire system. This application will be useful for the industries having to use of DC motor. At this time, this application can be used in controlling the speed of the DC motor. The manual control of the speed of the DC motor is also very difficult. This application will be useful in such situations. Wireless communication is used to send the commands to the DC motors to control the speed. There will be some small DC motors in toys, appliances etc. Huge DC motors are used in industries in the manufacture of electric vehicles, elevators etc. Almost all the electromechanical energy that we see around us is created either by the AC or the DC motors. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. It should be understood by a common man. This application can be used in security and industries purposes. It can also be easy to use.

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