Performance appraisal report

The idea of the project is to develop a Performance Appraisal Report  which focuses on the detail of the officers  and achievement of the officers. It allows user to search for a particular team according to the name and pb_number. The objective of this software is to provide the information about the employee(s) and their achievements in work time and increment in their salary. This project has been developed using JSP as the front end and PLSQL as the back end. Security is an important aspect in the project and is maintained using a username and password which is unique for admin can only login if he/she provides the correct username and password assigned him/her.

Performance Appraisal Report(PAR) contains the detailed information about the employees of “Hindustan Aeronautics Limited”, where employees can report their achievements in first two quarters and then the higher authority can view those report and give grade for the employee(s) and the superior authority can view the report and increment the salary for an employee.

Front End : JSP
Back End : PL/SQL
Web Server : Apache Tomcat
Editor : Adobe Dreamweaver

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