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Office automation system

Office automation system

Project Office automation system (oas) aims at creating an application which will automate the processes in college office. Using this it is possible to keep a database of college information like information about the students studying in various courses, employee information in various departments, staff and non staff details etc. Transaction involving fee and salary is also stored. Fees receipts are generated for students. Reports are maintained for future usage. Search engine is used to search required information.

Office automation system

Project title: Office automation system

Use of Office automation system

The purpose of this project is to automate the office work. The current system in the office is a manual system which includes paper document. In such a system its very difficult to keep track of all the records. Our project aims at creating an application which will automate the processes in a college office.

The Office automation system consists of the following modules:

  • Master
  • Student
  • Employee
  • Transaction
  • Search
  • Report
  • Exit

Software Interface

The software requires the support of the following software for the database and other requirements.

  • VB.NET feature of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 for the front end.
  • SQL server 2008 for the database


When the user clicks the Master menu item, a dropdown list appears that contains

  • Department
  • Course
  • Designation
  • Subject details
  • Examination details
  • Fees details
  • Donation and tuition
  • Scholarship
    • Student

When the user clicks the Student menu item, a dropdown list appears that contains

  • Profile entry
  • Other details
  • Result entry
    • Employee

When the user clicks the Employee menu item, a dropdown list appears that contains

  • Staff entry
  • Attendance
    • Transaction

When the user clicks the Transaction menu item, a dropdown list appears that contains

  • Student transaction
  •  Employee transaction
  • Report

Download office automation system project code:

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  1. Hi,
    I need a software for a NGO. Could you pls help me.

  2. wat s login id and passwrd

  3. Charles D. Walling
    January 1, 2013 at 8:31 PM

    That will be a big help to make the office work a lot easier for office worker but I was just thinking if this kind of system is accurately designed.

    manderley manor review

  4. nice one for office work

  5. need username and password.. plz post it

  6. Database file is missing in the project. please send the database file to [email protected]

  7. can anyone tell me how to use this project

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