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Employee Task Manager

An Employee Task Manager in JSP is a web-based application that allows managers to assign tasks to employees and track their progress. The system can be developed using JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology, which allows for the creation of dynamic and interactive web pages. The system can include features such as task creation, assignment, and tracking, employee management, and reporting.

Programming Language

  • Front End: JSP
  • Back End: Access

Here are some of the modules that an Employee Task Manager in JSP might include:

  1. User registration and login: This module allows employees and managers to create an account and login to the system.
  2. Task creation and assignment: This module allows managers to create tasks and assign them to employees, including setting deadlines and priorities.
  3. Task tracking: This module allows managers to track the progress of tasks, including the time spent on each task, and the completion status.
  4. Employee management: This module allows managers to view employee information, including their assigned tasks, and performance evaluations.
  5. Reporting: This module allows managers to generate various reports such as task progress, employee performance, and productivity.
  6. Notifications: This module sends notifications to employees when they are assigned a new task and to managers when a task is completed.
  7. Calendar view: This module allows employees and managers to view tasks in a calendar format, making it easy to plan and schedule tasks.
  8. Security: This module ensures the secure handling of sensitive information such as user login credentials.
  9. User interface: This module is responsible for the presentation of the system to the users and includes the design and layout of the website or the application.
  10. Multilingual support: This module allows the system to support multiple languages, making it easier for users who speak different languages to use the system.

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