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Medical Store Inventory System in CPP

Medical Store Inventory System in CPP

Medical Store Inventory System in CPP

Medical Store Inventory System in CPP – In this page you may see Medical Store Inventory System in C++ Programming. Medical Store Inventory System is a General purpose Inventory System which can be used simultaneously for both a medical store or a general store. Entire Program is Password protected which the user sets himself and may edit later. Its a mini project for students seminar and it contains only 2 modules.

Project title: Medical Store Inventory System in CPP

Programming Language: C++ programming (C Plus plus or CPP)

In this source code all the files stores in txt page. Download this source code and it works well in TurboC. TurboC is a compiler where you can execute C Programming and C++ programming files.

But it works well in all the operating system with C compiler.

Author says:

I prepared the project of Medical Store Inventory on Windows XP to my college seminar exam. Because I have knowledge of  C++ Programming (C Plus Plus). These simple project has various programming elements, concepts such as operators, loops, functions, single and double dimensional arrays, performing operations on strings, files, pointers etc. So you can learn many things in this project.

The dis advantage of this project is, Medical Retail store is a place where it is somewhat difficult to implement the Software due to large quantity of stock, billing in small parts. Complete Medical Store Inventory System keeps track of supplies record keeping and medical inventory management. Kindly don’t use this project for any clinics.

Note: The author has submitted it as a .rar file to shorten your download time. You must download win zip or win rar to extract this project.

Thanks for reading this article if you have any queries kindly post your queries in the comment box. Our freelancers will reply for your question as soon as possible.

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