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Online Corona Tracker

Online Corona Tracker

Now its all about Corona (COVID-19) news, whole world is talking about this. COVID-19officially been declared as a Pandemic by the WHO. Globally, as of now, there have been more than 6 crores confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 14 lakh deaths, reported to World Health Organization. We made a Online Corona Tracker project which shows data and insights of Coronavirus. The system integrated with API which displays latest stats by country, are collected from several reliable sources.

We intraged api from which is very easy to integrate. This provides statistics via rest API from WHO. This API control retrieves all countries data including Country, new confirmed cases, number of cases confirmed, recovered, critical cases, new deaths, total deaths, total recovered and last updated stats with date and time. This will filter the data of specific Country from Online Corona Tracker.

Screenshot of the corona tracker project

Also this data API provides New confirmed cases, Total cases, New deaths, Total deaths, New recovery and total recoveries by country. Developers can integrate this API as per their requirements. Developers can use this API for a live map wise tracker. This API you can use in any programming language. Here we did in PHP. We used datatables to retrieve the records.

There are lots of API available in the web but we used following API to retrieve data. Because it is easy to integrate and this API is available for free of cost.

There are some popular website which shows regular corona tracking details. But here

For Indians: You can use following API COVID19INDIA REST API v1.0 to track detailed cases in India. This API will display district wise data in JSON format.

Download Online Corona Tracker:

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This project cannot help to cure the disease but definitely this collects the data and track its spread. Stay safe, Wear mask, maintain distance to win the fight again Corona.

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