Supermarket management software is a standalone system that provides management for Super Market. The basic working done by this Super Market application is to maintain stock as well as perform all dailyand timely transaction like (Sales or Order) processing in a smoother and automated way.

The Super Market Management System is able to manage the product details, Customer details, and Employee Details. It is an easy to use yet powerfull and integrated with POS, Inventory, Accounting, HR Info and Managerial reports. This system is developed using Visual Basic and Microsoft access.

User Interface

  1. POS One is an unique product to manage your Super market business.
  2. Its Very Easy to Use
  3. Graphical User Interface
  4. Totally Menu Driven
  5. Multi-User
  6. All reports for specified period selected using calender
  7. Simplified Edit / Delete options


  1. Excellent quality of output for Reports
  2. All frequently used reports at the click of a button
  3. All reports can be previewed, printed, exported to Excel/Word etc.

Hardware Requirements

Intel® Chipset Motherboard.
250 MB RAM.
20– 40GB Hard-Disk.
Monitor. [ 640 x 480 Display ]
Keyboard and Mouse

Software Requirements

Microsoft Windows XP.
Visual basic 6.0

Download link for Supermarket management software

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9 years ago

where is the code.. ?

fees management system
fees management system
8 years ago

fees management system

Smith Christen
Smith Christen
8 years ago

cant see the codes!!

Monthe wilfried
Monthe wilfried
8 years ago

i can’t see the code.Please send it to my mail box

Innocent Lion
8 years ago

downloaded.. now will work it..

7 years ago

how do i download?