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Women’s Association Management System

Women’s Association Management System

This Women’s Association Management System (Sthri Shakti Portal) is designed to manage all the activities done in this organisation. Usually Womens association conduct weekly or monthly meetings and they share problems, provide solutions and they help each others on difficulty time. This project provides necessary point of features for every type of transactions done in the organisation no matter how big or small. It includes features such Portal Members or memberships, Weekly pay, Interest Calculations, Penalty, Loan Application Details, Transactions of loan Account, Employees of the portal, attendance etc. This Software helps to maintain Sthri Shakthi Sangha’s information and manages all the work through computerised form and maintains other transaction of the Sthri Shakthi Sangha. Searching and editing of data is faster for the user. Records are stored in database instead of maintaining in books.

Modules of Women’s Association Management System

This section identifies the functional component of the software package. The main functional components Sthri Shakthi Portal is listed below:

  • User Management: Here we can set the privileges for the users of the system. User type, user name and password is provided in this module.
  • Loan Application: This module consists of the various details of the customers who are taking loan from the organisation. Details Such as their personal details, Loan Amount details etc.
  • Delay Penalty: Delay Penalty Percentage Details is set in this module. Whenever there is a delay in payment, penalty is calculated for the no. of days delayed.
  • Loan Interest: For a particular month, interest rate is calculated. Interest rate is set in this module
  • Loan Account Details: Based on the loan amount and the duration, total payable amount along with the interest amount, instalment amount and instalment date is calculated and generated. A detailed record can be viewed.
  • Transactions: Monthly loan payment transaction is paid by the customers are done here. Delay payment, Instalment amount if any is also calculated.
  • Portal Members Module: This is used to store the information about the Employees in the organisation. The information includes Name, address and contact number.  
  • Attendance: Daily Attendance is marked for the employees who are working in the organisation. Total number of days attended is also calculated.

Languages Used:

  • Front End: VB.Net
  • Back End: SQL Server

Structure of the Software Package

Structure of Womens Association Management System

Download Women’s Association Management System Source Code and Documentation:

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