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Spa and beaty parlor project

Spa and beaty parlor project

Beauty Parlour Management System project is employed for the androgynous salon that manages the day-after-day tasks of the salon moreover as maintains the investments, stocks, clients, offers, workers and accounts thatembrace the bills, expenses moreoverbecause theworker payroll.

Beauty Parlour Management System

Programming Language:

  • Front End: VB.NET
  • Back End: SQL Server

Beauty Parlour Management System Project Description
This application is developed for androgynous salon. The project shop Management System is employed for maintaining the Investments, Stocks, Appointments, Clients, Offers, Employees, Bills and Income/Expenses. This menu kindessentiallypermits the users to feature Investment details,New consumer details, product details, Appointment details, worker Details,Offer details, Configuration and to look atthe small print of worker, Clients, purchase ,sales,Bills,Income and Expense reports.

This has following features:

1. Capital Investment:

It maintains the investment info of piece of furniture, equipments etc.
2. Stock (In house and For sale):

In house productarea unit those employed by the salon for purchasers.
For sale productarea unit those oversubscribed to the purchasers on demand.
3. Appointment of the client:

Fixing a rendezvous to the purchasers.
On confirmation SMS are sent to the consumer.
4. consumer information:

It maintains the dataregarding the purchasers.
As well as phone list are updated.
5. Offers(Student offers and Loyalty points)

Various offers details area unit maintained and SMS to the purchasers.
Based on the services employed by the purchasers, loyalty points area unit given.
6. worker information:

It maintains the dataregardingthe staff.
Employee attending details area unit maintained.
Depending on the attending i.e range of days worked, range of services attended by the worker, over time, incentives, per day wage regular payment iscalculated.
7. Billing:

For the services employed by the purchasers or if any product purchased by the purchasers bills area unitgenerated.
On achieving the utmost loyalty points the bill quantityaresubtracted.
8. financial gain and Expense Report:

Income depends on the consumer bills.
Expense report are generated supported Capital Investment, stock, salary.

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