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Virtual Classroom Network is a web based social networking site for the college. The objective of this project is to provide a single platform for students and faculties to interact with each other. In this project the administrator of the college keeps track of all the activities take place in the site. There will be 3 interfaces in this project: Admin, Faculty and Student where all three will be have unique tasks to perform.

The administrator of the college will take part as the admin of this project. The admin will add all the staffs and students of the college. The account information of the staff is provided to them by the admin manually, whereas student account will be activated only after the personal registration to the account by the particular student with some mandatory requirements. This is done to avoid the fake student registration. Though Admin will have all the rights over the activities that place on the site, it is very secured for all the users of this site. This is because once the user activates the account admin be won’t be able to edit the accounts. Admin will have all rights in removing any posts which is found imperfect to the site and deleting the user if wrong usage of the account is found.

The faculties will be uploading notices about the activities in the colleges in the home page of the site which helps the students to take part in several activities. Staffs of different faculty will be conducting quiz on their courses which allows the students of that faculty to participate in the quiz. Study materials will be uploaded by the staffs to help students in their studies. Staffs can also interact with their students if the students have any doubts on their curriculum.

The student is the main interface in this project. Student will get all the benefits of the site. Student can upload messages, photos and videos in their timeline and all other students of the college can comment and like on the post done by the student. Students can even chat with their friends through individual chat and even with their classmates through group chat. Students can download the study materials uploaded by their faculty. Any doubts in their curriculum they can interact with their faculties and even other students of that course can clarify them. Students can take part in the quiz conducted by their faculty and their results will be displayed in the homepage along with college notices.

In this document we added System Design Of College Network System. There are many matters regarding the college that need to be maintained

Project category

Web based –  RDBMS (Relational Database Management System)

Hardware requirements

  • Operating System – Windows XP onwards
  • Processor – Intel dual core
  • RAM – 1 GB
  • Hard Disk – Minimum 40 GB
  • Keyboard, monitor and mouse

Software requirements

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS 6.0
  • Apache Server
  • MySQL database Server

Front End: PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor)

Back End: MY SQL

Project modules

  • Dashboard module
  • Faculty control panel
  • Student Account panel
  • Discussion module
  • Study materials module
  • Individual Chat and Group chat module
  • Quiz module
  • Notice module
  • Result Module
  • Timetable and syllabus module

Video Demonstration:

Download Virtual Classroom Network

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A collection of source codes that I wrote in VB 6.0, ASP.NET, PHP, C#.NET, VB.NET and JAVA in a course of my career as web developer and software engineer that I would like to share to my fellow programmers. Some of the codes here is not my original work that I found over the Internet and Books while I'm learning how to program. I hope you find my work useful in your learning in programming. Please share my work to other people also who interested to learn the basics of web development and programming. Thank you very much and Happy Productive Programming Everyone.
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abdul wahid
abdul wahid
4 years ago

hello where can i download the source code

Shiva Prasad
4 years ago
Reply to  abdul wahid

The project is under construction . We will upload source code in few days.

muqeet shaheen
muqeet shaheen
3 years ago
Reply to  Shiva Prasad

link for download?

stany amazingteen
stany amazingteen
4 years ago

someone alert me when the source code gets uploaded [email protected]

4 years ago

when do i get the source code?