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Comments ( 600 )

  1. hello can i get a project topic in web application

  2. i need a project related to bioinformatics

  3. I’m a HR Official , please help me find any HR related Project

  4. Please send me Community base Project

  5. hi can u provide desktop base project information

  6. i need projects on qtp for resumee preparation plz helpmee

  7. i want a project on online cattering ,project is in php,please send me coading for this on my email id ……
    my email id is [email protected]

  8. if you don’t have this….send me any mini project in php……….plz help me ….i have only few days for this project,plz……….

  9. you don’t have cattering project in php……agar nahi hai to plz koi dusara topic hai ,guestbook ka project hai par mujhe koi dusara project chahiye….plz will you send me any other topic…i have very less time for this…

    • Please send me the requirements. I will develop project according to your requirements. This is my email id: [email protected] Please note it may take long time to develop us. Because we have to develop many projects this season. You can check other projects uploaded in this site.

  10. i need project about Quad Nadly move in MATLAB The specified path please help me

  11. i need a project on sms scheduler in php. plz help me with the source codes

  12. I need project report on oxy-fuel combustion

  13. i need project report on post combustion

  14. i need project on accounts receivable and payable ,,,asap

  15. I need a Project on Oracle PLSQL…

  16. do you have any projects on Science Competition Creating System

  17. i need a title on plant breeding and genetic manipulation, some one please help me!

  18. is there any project on online customer complaint system in php


  20. sir, i want complete project on oracle apex….plzz help me…

  21. Is there any project on e-shopping in java ?

  22. I need project on verilog

  23. i need sql project on alumni association…plz post it as soon as possible

  24. Bhaskar chowdary Eerthineni
    December 14, 2014 at 10:47 AM

    i need mini project student information management system(java) so any one plz send my mail id:[email protected] plz send me

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