Travel and Tourism Management System SRS Part5


  • Estimates(i.e. budget, schedule etc .) become more relistic as work progresses, because important issues discoved earlier.
  • It is more able to cope with the changes that are software development generally entails.

Software engineers can get their hands in and start woring on the core of a project earlier

Performance Requirements:

Performance is measured in terms of the output provided by the application. Requirement specification plays an important part in the analysis of a system. Only when the requirement specifications are properly given, it is possible to design a system, which will fit into required environment. It rests largely with the users of the existing system to give the requirement specifications because they are the people who finally use the system.  This is because the requirements have to be known during the initial stages so that the system can be designed according to those requirements.  It is very difficult to change the system once it has been designed and on the other hand designing a system, which does not cater to the requirements of the user, is of no use.

The requirement specification for any system can be broadly stated as given below:

  • The system should be able to interface with the existing system
  • The system should be accurate
  • The system should be better than the existing system

The existing system is completely dependent on the user to perform all the duties.

DFD (Context level Diagram):


Download Complete Project SRS:

project document

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